BREAKING! Jeff Session Just Fired 46 Obama Appointees!! – DO YOU SUPPORT THIS?!

Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General appointed by Trump, just fired 46 federal prosecutors appointed by Barack Obama.

Business Insider reports that on Friday, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked the remaining 46 chief federal prosecutors appointed by former President Obama who have not already resigned to do so “in order to ensure a uniform transition.”

Here is the official statement of the Justice Department:

“As was the case in prior transitions, many of the United States attorneys nominated by the previous administrations already have left the Department of Justice. The Attorney General has now asked the remaining 46 presidentially appointed U.S. Attorneys to tender their resignations in order to ensure a uniform transition. Until the new U.S. Attorneys are confirmed, the dedicated career prosecutors in our U.S. Attorney’s Offices will continue the great work of the Department in investigating, prosecuting, and deterring the most violent offenders” – Sarah Isgur Flores

President Trump and Jeff Sessions are finally beginning draining the swamp.

They recognized the fact that every single employee hired by Obama is a potential mole and a leak, so they have to get rid of them immediately.

What are your thoughts on this move? Do you agree with Jeff Sessions? Do you think that he should fire every single employee hired by Obama and his administration?





  1. That should have been done from the beginning , now you need to do something with the FBI, NSA AND CIA they are full of Clinton and Obama’s team ! I guess they pay more than the honest taxpayers do !

  2. Debra Sims

    They should have been fired from day one.

  3. Drain the full swamp and get rid of all those extra “secret” government agencies they ALL have a World Government agenda. Republicans tell your representatives to get in board with President Trumps National agenda to bring move power to the States! Vote them OUT if they do not support Trumps America and states first agenda

  4. Nancy Simmons

    I think it was the right thing to do. All other Presidents did it…………it was okay then!

  5. Job well done.

  6. Great!

  7. He should have gotten rid of them on day one. Anyone that had anything to do with him should have been gone.

  8. Brian Demyanovich

    fire them yes, maybe even lock a few of the no good special treatment for some people up. I am sick and tired of having two sets of laws, one for them and another for the rest of us. equal justice for all,

  9. Yes, I do agree they should be fired. The democrats are going crazy and we voted for President Trump, wether they like it or not. Further more I cannot wait until the investigation starts on clinton, lynch and more. Something should be done to those making terrorist threats like madonna. In my opinion of course. Sick of the lies.

  10. About time stop tweets stop running the mouth it is time to drop the gauntlet on all these illegal treason essential acts nice does not work one thing will work criminal charges with maximum jail time no early parole and if it is treason then the law states beach by firing squad convict a few for treason and they get executed this crap will all stop and push for term limits vote any politician’s that has severed over 2 full terms the voters need to vote them out that fixes term limits it is better to see a law in place if not then the voters need to do it

  11. Get the rest of the Democrats out of town

  12. David Bastow

    It is the right move.

  13. This is how government should work. As a nation we have never witnessed anything close to what our president has endured in his few months. What Obama, Clintons and all their cronies in the DNC have done is illegal and nothing short of sedition. I hope every last one of them are tried for their crimes.

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