3 strange metallic spheres fell from the sky in Peru

Unidentified spheres falling from the sky.

Scientists are baffled as giant spheres made of metal dropped from the sky in Peru. These spheres have not been claimed by any foreign government, and the area that they fell in was inhabited by the indigenous people of Peru. No explanation has been found as of yet.

It was a total of three spheres that fell from the sky caught on video by many residents. The glow from the spheres as well as the tail left in the sky (caused by burning hot particles hitting against air particles at tremendous velocity) was awesome and terrifying. Space debris hit the earth all of the time, but most go unnoticed or fall into the ocean. The sheer number of videos and evidence has people asking questions about who could have done this and where the spheres came from initially.

Some are speculating that it may be the start of an alien invasion as the spheres seem to be designed by something, not of this world. There are also theories that these are the fuel tanks from safelights launched into space which detach mid-flight after the tank is exhausted. More research needs to be done before scientists can confirm or deny any theories.


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